Kindergarten (Age 3 - 7)

The Foundation Years - A Bridge between Home and School

These early years in the kindergarten are when children move forward in all ways through their own play and experience. Their five senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing are the doors whereby they learn about and understand the world. They begin to think about all things and their attitudes towards life and education are being formed.

The young child is laying an unseen foundation for her future school career as well as for life, so it must be broad, solid and sound, able to support all that in the future will be built upon it.

The foundation years extend from the infant and toddler in the home to the three to eight-year-old in the Kindergarten. Our kindergarten is like the home in its support of play and activity, yet like the school in its planning and guidance.

The kindergarten is based on family grouping where children from ages three to seven intermingle and socialize, each age having it's own unique space but also, at planned times, interacting with both older and younger children.

The kindergarten children, in one large room, share Opening Circles, Singing Game Circles and Partner Play. Individual age groups have their own round table for interactions, gift play, occupations and activities. The family grouping arrangement also helps the youngest child learn to share the kindergartner with up to eight other children of a similar age.

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