As children approach the age of twelve, they experience growth in the way they think. As they begin developing the ability to think and reason abstractly, it is important for students to be challenged to think about their learning in a new way. In order to do just this, students at the Senior level ( Grades 7 and 8 ) experience an increase in responsibility and leadership.

The Senior students at Froebel face a programme that challenges them in many new ways. There are many new opportunities available to them that are intended to encourage the social, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical development of each child. Froebel’s words beautifully illustrate what should be the intent of education at any level:

For the purpose of teaching is to bring ever more out of man rather than to put more into him; for that which can get into man we already know and possess as the property of mankind, and every one, simply because he is a human being, will unfold and develop it out of himself in accordance with the laws of mankind. On the other hand, what yet is to come out of mankind, what human nature is yet to develop, that we do not yet know.
F. Froebel, The Education of Man, p.279

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