School (Grade 3 - Grade 8)

The strong foundation of the kindergarten years is built upon in the school.

Good study and learning habits, academic excellence and strong thinking skills are developed in a structured nurturing environment.

The school has three groupings; Junior (Grade 3-4), Intermediate (Grade 5-6) and Senior (Grade 7-8). Each group contains 15 or fewer children to allow for individualized attention.

The school is in an open concept classroom to facilitate regular interaction including: Morning Exercises, Drama and Clubs.

The curriculum is based on the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education for Ontario but is enriched with Arts (visual, drama, vocal and instrumental), French, Technology, Guidance, Family Studies, Design Technology, Leadership Training, swimming lessons, skiing and field trips. The Enrichment subjects are taught by experts in their respective fields.

We also exceed the Ontario curriculum in allowing time to pursue and study subjects that arise out of interests of the children.

The Froebel Gifts and Art Occupations continue to enhance all aspects of the curriculum.

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